Real Property Can Be Exchanged (Sometimes)

It’s important to understand that there are three distinctively different types of real estate, some can be exchanged, some are prohibited from tax deferred exchange treatment.  The three types are personal use, business/investment use and dealer property. Favorable treatment exists for the sale of a personal residence if the property has been the primary residence […]

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What is Like-kind Property?

Myth Busted: “Like-kind” means ANY realproperty can be Exchanged for ANY real property. Don’t get caught with the assumption that land can’t be exchanged for an apartment building. When applied to a Tax Deferred Exchange, the term “Like-Kind” is a term of art that simultaneously means four things: Location, Type, Use and Value. Location of Property: For […]

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The Section 1031 Police

We are often asked how Section 1031 transactions are monitored by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and whether a 1031 police force exists to monitor taxpayer actions.  The truth is that in nearly three decades of practice, we have never been informed of the existence of this authority.  However, we regularly point out to clients […]

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1031 Insurance Policy

Section 1031 Insurance Policy

Entering into a Section 1031 Exchange should be done with careful consideration of your overall goals and objectives. The successful completion of an exchange requires that the old or Relinquished Property be replaced with new or Replacement Property of equal or greater value. Selecting the new property takes a certain amount of due diligence. If […]

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