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Exchange for Fractional Ownership of Real Estate

The TIC Advantage

Preamble: There is little doubt that the Tenants-in-common industry is currently in a state of flux. During the “roaring 2000’s” TIC properties were flying off the shelf. Problem was that many of the properties were extremely overpriced, carried too much “sponsor baggage” and were leveraged to the hilt. The real estate investment class is doing […]

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Choices Beyond the Neighborhood

Owners of investment and business property considering the sale and reinvestment of their real property have choices that are far greater than their own neighborhood. Section 1031 Exchanges require that the new or replacement property be “like-kind” but that definition has expanded to include diverse investments; here are three examples of replacement property opportunities: Tenant-in-common […]

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Risk Reward - Stock Vs. Real Estate

Risk & Reward – Stock Vs. Real Estate

In a perfect world your investment portfolio would contain a combination of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Cash providing both long-term and short-term instruments. Diversification of your assets is key to riding out the peaks and valleys of investment performance. In today’s changing economic environment, understanding your exposure to risk will ultimately define […]

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