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Edmund & Wheeler 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Edmund & Wheeler
This is the second time I have personally used EWI, working with their people in Franconia NH. All I can say is they are professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond a totally positive experience..
Edmund & Wheeler
John was extremely helpful, patient and professional. My first exchange was smooth and without worry.

John and his team are an invaluable resource when working to pull together a 1031 exchange. I will call on John again when the next exchange comes up.

Many thanks John.

John McNiff, Jr.
August 11, 2022
Edmund & Wheeler
This was my first experience with doing a 1031 Exchange. It was seamless transactions. Chris Is a very knowledgeable person in this program, and simply pleasure to work with. Thanks again.
JPB Trust
Edmund & Wheeler
Hello John,
I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and tremendous support through my first-ever 1031 Exchange.

Your expertise and accessibility made a big difference for everyone involved and greatly helped in pulling off the deal. I benefited from your professionalism from our very first phone call right on through to resolving the botched incoming wire transfer at the end.

In a relatively complex transaction it becomes clear who knows what they're doing and who doesn't. Edmund & Wheeler was in a completely different league and hands down the best part of this process.

My goal with this real estate venture was to build long-term financial independence, and the 1031 was by far the most significant aspect of the deal in helping reach that goal. A 1031 is without a doubt the way to go. In the future I will be coming back to you.

Thanks again!
Edmund & Wheeler
We have done a few exchanges with E&W, Tim has been wonderful!
Edmund & Wheeler
John Hamrick has been an outstanding 1031 Facilitator: knowledgeable, patient, prompt, accessible and good humored to boot! Highly recommend.
Edmund & Wheeler
John and his team have been nothing short of a pleasure to be partnered in these transactions. He was always several steps ahead of me and providing clear and concise guidance. He made himself available to answer all my questions. Everything went so smoothly on the 1031 side. John is a true professional. Thank you!
-Perry Seale
Edmund & Wheeler
We recently completed a reverse 1031 Exchange with the help of Chris Brown. The complexity of the reverse nature of the transaction was made smooth by Chris. The next time we have need for a 1031, we will surely turn again to Edmunds & Wheeler.
Edmund & Wheeler
We trust E&W to hold an uncounted bag of money. We trust them unconditionally.

We felt safe in their hands knowing that E&W had our back. They were on top of the critical milestones involved in a 1301 transaction and kept us safe from ourselves and our scatterbrains.
Edmund & Wheeler
We were very apprehensive about whom we eould use for our first 1031. E&W came highly recommended by our realtor, our accountant and by Accurate Title. Tim allayed all our fears and aprehensions about the whole process including the steps they take to avoid wire fraud. He even helped us realize we could move into one of the exchange properties in 2 yrs, live in it for 7 more and the gain would be ‘forgiven’, so we picked out a great place to retire to. Meanwhile it represents rental income. I would say more great positive thongs but running out of space.
Edmund & Wheeler
Tim Burger of Edwin wheeler was always there when I needed advice, made this procedure feel like this was my 20th time. Thanks so much
Edmund & Wheeler
I did my first 1031 exchange this past June. John Hamrick was extremely helpful and spent a lot of time talking me through the options and how it all works. The exchanges went seamlessly and John took care of all the details and made my life easy! Mary O'Toole helped me with one of the 2 properties I exchanged into and between the two of them I feel extremely lucky to have found them. EWI is top notch!
Edmund & Wheeler
This is the second time I have used the services of Edmund Wheeler for 1031 exchange purposes. Both times working with John Hamrick. The exchanges went seamlessly, Hamrick was a pleasure to deal with.
Edmund & Wheeler
I am a partner in a New York law firm. The first time I worked with Chris Brown of Edmund and Wheeler was over five years ago when I handled my first 1031 Exchange. My assistant and I must have researched various 1031 qualified intermediaries for months before we chose to move forward with Edmund and Wheeler, and I am so grateful that we did. I am currently working on another 1031 exchange and cannot say enough wonderful things about Chris. He has been so accommodating, so much so, that he thought nothing of answering his phone and engaging in an impromptu phone conference after 10pm on a Friday evening. Whether you are looking to engage in your first 1031 exchange or have dozens under your belt, I promise that will not go wrong with Edmund and Wheeler. I look forward to working with Chris and his colleagues for years to come. Thank you Chris for all you've done in guiding my clients and our firm with the various 1031's we successfully completed.
Edmund & Wheeler
John Hamrick was always available and responsive (even on the holidays!) throughout the entire process of our 1031 exchange which involved the sale of multiple properties and an extremely complicated purchase of a replacement property. I tend to be extremely meticulous and overly detailed, which meant that John was probably the only 1031 intermediary in the country who could handle my exchange... and tolerate me. : ) He was extremely patient with and prompt with his replies to my multitude of questions over many months. His execution of the entire exchange was perfect - making sure that all the required documentation met the highest standards and executing the required escrow transfers when needed. He was such a professional that he helped us with many things that were really not part of the job - working through various basis computations and providing a comparative analysis that allowed us to determine whether a 1031 exchange was indeed the best course for us.
Edmund & Wheeler
We can’t say enough good things about Chris Brown of Edmund Wheeler and the advice and assistance he provided during our successful 1031 exchange. He was available and responsive during every phase of the transaction from start to finish. We initially contacted and met with Chris three years before our transaction and he was professional, friendly and also patient as we completed our plans for the sale of a rental property to initiate the exchange. He stayed in close contact with us during each phase of the exchange process and ensured the required documentation was properly completed while executing the required escrow account transactions in a timely manner. We highly recommend Edmond Wheeler’s services and especially Chris Brown for assistance with the 1031 exchange process.
Edmund & Wheeler
Chris Brown handled a multi property 1031 exchange with ease. He always responded quickly to my calls and emails. I had so many questions regarding 1031 rules and Chris took the time to explain answers in detail.

I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the transactions went. I highly recommend Edmund & Wheeler for your 1031 needs.
Edmund & Wheeler
We could not have done this project without you. You have been incredible during this entire process. If by a future farewell you mean until next time, we are cool! I do look very forward to working with you again on our future exchanges.

You have been a solid beacon in these arduous 1031 build-to-suit seas. Melissa and I would very much appreciate providing something to you and your wife as a THANK YOU. We’d like to say, thank you for your:

* Extreme professionalism (throughout this exchange)
* Sharing your depths of knowledge (seems infinite)
* High availability (even on the weekends, you work too much)
* Expert counsel (at crossroads unknown)
* Making this a fun smooth process

It really was a pleasure working with you. I’d ask you to please pass this on to your President (or whomever your boss may be) so that he/she can add this to the huge pile of similar “Thank Yous and Kudos” you have amassed over the years.
Edmund & Wheeler
I like to thank John Hamrick and his team for guiding me through the 1031 process. He answered every call and assisted me with any problems that I encountered. This was a long and difficult process and EWI assured me of a smooth transition. I would recommend EWI and Mr. Hamrick to any individual in need of their services.
Thank you
Edmund & Wheeler
I can't say enough about how wonderful John Hamrick was to work with. He was very patient answering any and all questions that I had and was always available by phone or email, going out of his way to make sure everything was clear to me so that I had total confidence that the 1031 exchange was the right thing for me to do. I would absolutely recommend John to anyone thinking about a 1031 exchange.
Edmund & Wheeler
I first contacted John Hamrick about 5 years ago to discuss the 1031 exchange process. He was very knowledgeable and personable and spent almost 1 hour on the phone with me. We finally found a buyer for our property earlier this year and purchased a property in FL. With John's help, the 1031 process went very smoothly and he was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend John and EWI to anyone interested in doing a 1031 exchange.
Edmund & Wheeler
If a 1031 Exchange is in your future, prepare yourself for a delightful experience by contracting with EWI. The personnel are a pleasure to work with and they are extremely competent in their business. My case ended up being a Reverse 1031 Exchange, a rarity I have learned. Interfacing with both legal and accounting personnel, EWI confidently navigated all through the effort to a resounding success.
Edmund & Wheeler
Settlement completed, with no problems!

Thank you, Chris, for your on-going efforts on my behalf. It is simply a pleasure to work with you and with the fine group of "Edmund & Wheeler" professionals.
Edmund & Wheeler
I had sold two properties and reinvestesd into four which had me concerned on the risk of confusion. I closed purchasing three in one day and the fourth the following day. All went without any problems I plan to use Edmund Wheeler for any future exchanges.
Edmund & Wheeler
This was my first 1031 exchange and John Hamrick provided all information needed for me to understand the process and be comfortable. Chris Brown handled all of the details and everything worked seamlessly on both the sale and acquisition transactions. They would be my first choice when the next one comes along.
Edmund & Wheeler
This is the third transaction in which E&W played a pivotal and timely role. John Hamrick was on top of every piece of the deal and this allowed me to focus my attention where it was needed.
Thanks, all!
Edmund & Wheeler
I was about to complete a profitable sale when I across an opportunity to purchase a new excellent property. The new property is the best piece of real estate I've bought in my 38 year long investing career.

I realized that it was a perfect scenario for a 1031 exchange if I could pull it together!

I contacted John Hamrick of EWI and although time was tight, he pulled it all together for me. We accomplished the exchange.

I managed to make the best purchase of my life and have deferred taxes on a lucrative sale! I love real estate!
Edmund & Wheeler
It has been a pleasure working with Chris Brown and Tim Burger on our exchange which featured a very quick closing timeline. We found them to be personable, accessible, and professional. They were cool headed through a delayed closing and never missed a beat. Edmund and Wheeler came highly recommended and impressed us with their service!
Edmund & Wheeler
I worked with John Hamrick throughout the sale and purchase of a like-kind assets. During this period he advised on several points that were important factors in my re-purchase strategy. At the end of the day, both transactions were flawless and John was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Edmund and Wheeler for having a guy Like John on board! Daniel Ringelstein
Edmund & Wheeler
Working with John Hamrick and Edmund & Wheeler was a pleasure. This was our first exchange and we had a lot of questions. John took the time to walk us through the process and make sure all of our questions were answered. We will definitely be working with them again.
Edmund & Wheeler
I appreciate your personal and helpful service during the property exchange of my property on Kerr Rd., Franconia and the Condo at The Village of Maplewood in Bethlehem,NH.
Everything went smoothly with a processes I was completely unfamiliar with.
Thank you.
Edmund & Wheeler
John Hamrick was so great to work with. I highly recommend him. I was new to this process and he walked me through it every step of the way. He is extremely knowledgable, was always very available, could totally explain the process in clear language and kept me on the time line. It's a complicated process and it was successful in huge part due to John's guidance.
Many thanks!!
Edmund & Wheeler
You ROCK Tim - thank you!
Edmund & Wheeler
The entire EWI team was easy to work with, very responsive and made everything simple to understand. Thanks so much.
Edmund & Wheeler
Have worked with Edmund & Wheeler on many 1031 transactions over the years. Every time, great results. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Wouldn't go anywhere else for this type of transaction.
Edmund & Wheeler
John once more, it was a great pleasure working with you and your office, you guys are great, there are no words to describe your professionalism and kindness. Thank you is not enough to explain how grateful I am to have found you and your company.
Edmund & Wheeler
Made it pretty easy
Edmund & Wheeler
I refer to John Hamrick as “The Dean” of 1031 Exchanges. His professional approach and complete understanding of the exchange process is evident in every facet while working with him. Quite frankly, he has a rare talent. Not only can he keep concepts “easy to understand” while working with clients who are getting their first exchange off the ground—but he can turn heads while impressing a boardroom of high-paid counsel while discussing brain-teasing real estate/tax scenarios. I know myself and my siblings would not think of doing an exchange without him.
Edmund & Wheeler
Edmund & Wheeler made the 1031 exchange process very easy. They were very professional and explained the process very clearly. Their response time was incredible whether it was just a question about the process or a request for money. They were always available to assist us in the process. John guided us through the process professionally and made it very easy. I would highly recommend them.
Edmund & Wheeler
I am working with Edmund and Wheeler on my third 1031 exchange over the past several years, and regard the team as highly knowledgeable, professional and passionate about assisting with my selling and reinvesting situation. I could not be happier with my introduction into a passive strategy! The monthly check without taking care of apartments is the way to go!
Edmund & Wheeler
John was an extreme pleasure throughout the entire process. His knowledge, professionalism and above all his communication skills were unparalleled. I will gladly pass along his contact information to anyone I know in need of a 1031 exchange. And I hope to work with John again in the future.
Edmund & Wheeler
It was a pleasure working with Chris Brown....he was knowledgeable, easy to contact,and always ready to help with our complicated sale and three purchases with a very short timeline. I recommend him and the company highly, and would absolutely use them again should the occasion arise.
Edmund & Wheeler
Goodness, I did not know what I was doing until I spoke with Chris Brown at Edmond&Wheeler. He made everything Easy.and clear...He handled all the details so efficiently and fast. Doing the 1031 exchange was the easiest part of my business sale.!
Edmund & Wheeler
This was my first experience with doing a 1031 Exchange. It was seamless. I worked with John Hamrick, who was not only knowledgeable in this "stuff", was simply a pleasure to work with. He took all the time needed for me to understand what was going on during the whole process. I was almost sadden to have the transaction end. Yet I feel confident he will be there when I have more questions in the future. Thank you all.
Edmund & Wheeler
I found Edmund & Wheeler through an internet search and made the effort to visit their offices in New Hampshire to satisfy myself that they knew what they were doing. Our exchange was more complicated than most, but they had the experience and knowledge to structure the transaction properly. John Hamrick answered innumerable questions patiently and accurately and directed us to a reasonably priced local lawyer who was equally experienced in 1031 deals. The proceeds from the 1031 sale were properly segregated and the handling of the monies for reinvestment was smooth and efficient thanks to Tim Burger.
I would not hesitate to recommend Edmund & Wheeler to anyone contemplating a 1031 exchange. Such transactions are potentially complex, involve a great deal of paperwork and must be structured exactly to conform to the law. Having experienced professional guidance was key to being assured that the exchange was done properly.
Edmund & Wheeler
What a great job you guys did. Thank you very much.
Edmund & Wheeler
Although I have purchased and sold many properties, it was not until my last sale that I investigated a 1031 exchange. It is indeed fortunate that I am a challenging sort of individual or I would never have called Edmund & Wheeler, following my attorney’s advice that it was too late to consider an exchange when wording of such had not been included in the Agreement of Sale.

My initial contact with Chris Brown of Edmund & Wheeler was a game changer! I was most impressed with Chris’ knowledge and his willingness to speak with my attorney on my behalf. From that initial call, my regard and respect for Edmund & Wheeler and for my personal contact, Chris, only increased.

Throughout the transaction, Chris guided me with easy-to-follow steps to complete my exchange. Although I originally was concerned that I might be somewhat confused, there was no reason to think so. Chris responded promptly to each and every question and did so politely with tactful understanding of my limited knowledge of a first exchange. The best and most appropriate descriptions of Edmund & Wheeler would be that the company and my representative are superbly organized, efficient, direct, and comprehensive. In fact, I cannot recall working with a company that handled and executed details more professionally or flawlessly .

Although I have been long involved in the business world, working with Chris Brown and his colleagues has been remarkable. I endorse this fine company and my contact, Chris, with highest recognition. I am looking forward to my next exchange.
Edmund & Wheeler
Tim Burger at Edmund & Wheeler is so pleasant and responsive. What an asset to the company, thanks Tim!
Edmund & Wheeler
We have successfully completed two 1031 Rollovers with Edmund and Wheeler. Both have been highly successful. We simply laid out the numbers and our goals. All the details were looked after very professionally and on a timely basis. Help was available day or night.

With the available help now from Centerpoint Business Advisors all the long term planning is also available through this excellent consulting service.

Can’t recommend the entire group enough !
Edmund & Wheeler
Early in 2013, we contacted Edmund and Wheeler seeking information about a 1031 Exchange we were considering on the sale of our New Hampshire property. We began working with John Hamrick who, from the start, patiently and clearly explained all the sometimes complicated details around the 1031 process about which we knew very, very little. When we closed on the sale of our land in May, our funds were wired through Edmund and Wheeler into an escrow account and held until we identified and closed on a replacement property. At the very end of our identification period, with John’s help, we found a possible replacement property, but for a number of complicated, personal reasons, we ultimately decided in late October not to complete the 1031 Exchange. Throughout all this time, John was always available and responsive, totally patient and supportive, and just generally a wonderful person to deal with, even after we decided not to complete the 1031 process. We will strongly recommend Edmund and Wheeler, and in particular John Hamrick, to anyone considering a 1031 Exchange. Indeed, we've already told the Realtor who handled our sale to recommend John to any of his clients who may benefit from this process.
Edmund & Wheeler
In 2012, my wife and I used John Hamrick of Edmund & Wheeler to perform a Section 1031 exchange on property we had in Cape Cod. It goes without saying that their performance and professionalism during the entire process was excellent. They walked us through the process answering any and all questions to satisfaction. They kept our attorney’s office on the right track identifying mistakes the attorney was making with the HUD statement. It was an experience – nervous one for first timers, and confusing – and John did a great job getting us through it. Would highly recommend them.