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Chris Nolt

IRC Section 1031 Exchange: A Powerful Financial Tool For the Agricultural Family

Posted by permission of the author: Christopher Nolt, LUTCF Solid Rock Realty Advisors, LLC 2020 Charlotte Street, Suite 14 Bozeman, MT 59718 406-582-1265 Office 800-517-1031 Toll-Free 800-249-1033 Fax The IRC Section 1031 Exchange is one of the most powerful tax saving and wealth building tools available for people selling highly appreciated real estate. A properly structured 1031 exchange […]

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“My accountant told me to just pay the tax.......”

“My accountant told me to just pay the tax…….”

We hear this troubling refrain too often.  It seems that many accountants and attorneys will tell their clients that a Section 1031 exchange is cumbersome and just delaying the inevitable. Some advise that the tax rates today are the cheapest you will ever see, “It’s easier to just pay the tax” they say.  In far too […]

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The Top 10 Reasons To Exchange

The top reason to conduct the sale of investment property as a Section 1031 Exchange is the dramatic opportunity for wealth building. Whether the property is owned by an individual, trust, LLC, S-corp or C- corp, utilizing untaxed dollars to acquire more significant investment property and generate greater cash flow from investment property is the […]

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The Power of Section 1031

What every real estate investor wants to know is “How can I make Section 1031 work for me? Isn’t that just for investors who have multimillion-dollar properties?” And, the best question of all; “I want to sell my property and I don’t want to manage real estate again, how can I have my cake and eat […]

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What is Like-Kind Property?

Myth Busted: “Like-kind” means ANY real property can be Exchanged for ANY real property. Don’t get caught with the assumption that land can’t be exchanged for an apartment building.  The term Like-Kind appears in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) in connection with Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges and also in connection with Section 1033, Involuntary […]

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How To Choose The Right Qualified Intermediary (QI) for your Section 1031 Exchange

Consumers shopping for financial services have for too long relied on the oversight of various regulatory agencies to provide a safe and secure business environment.  The mark of a few initials (BBB, SEC, FDIC, etc.) has been considered insurance enough that individual firms are reputable and trustworthy. The meltdown of the financial markets in 2008 […]

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Trading Up Using the 1031 Exchange

In spite of decreasing real estate values across the nation, real estate investors continue to come up with innovative ways to make their investment turn out profitably. A powerful method for building real estate holdings is the use of 1031 Exchanges, which lets investors defer capital-gains assessment on investment property by reinvesting sale proceeds into […]

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