Edmund & Wheeler Facilitates Exchange of the 1697 “Molitor Strad”

Antonio StradivariFrom 1695 to 1725 Antonio
Stradivari hand crafted his finest instruments. He built some 1,100 instruments during this time (not all were violins)  some estimates indicate that there are still over 600 of these instruments still in existence.

Recently, the Molitor Strad (once reportedly owned by Napoleon) was sold at auction by Tarisio for a record breaking $3.6M.

The instrument was purchased by the famous concert violinist  Anne Akiko Meyers. The seller of the incredible instrument utilized the services of Edmund & Wheeler, Inc. to facilitate a Section 1031 exchange.  We were honored for our role  in this transaction, and have become huge Anne Akiko Meyers fans in the process.

Section 1031 of the tax code is not just for real estate. To learn more about personal property exchanges, call or click.  In the meantime,  enjoy Anne playing her new violin. We can’t wait for her next album with her new Strad!


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