Section 1031 Is On The Chopping Block

I’ve just returned from the Federation of Exchange Accomodators annual convention which is a three day intensive training and educational seminiar for practitioners of 1031 Accommodation and  Consulting.

One of the primary activities of our trade organization for the past couple of years has been to mount an effort to educate Capitol Hill on the benefits of Section 1031 to the overall US economy. While many of our leaders view 1031 as a reduction in tax revenue, the more astute realize that in many ways, the use of 1031 truly drives a large part of the economy, and has done so for nearly 100 years.

Of course, it seems unlikely that there will be a tax reform bill go to congress until after a new president is elected in 2016, but our eduction efforts are in full swing.

Part of our efforts include soliciting input from our clients that have benefited, or are planning to benefit from utilizing Section 1031. Please take a moment to provide your support by writing your representatives, its easy, just click on the START HERE button below.

Save Section 1031

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