Welcome Back Christine Latulip

 For Immediate Release – Franconia, NH

Christine Latulip Joins Edmund & WheelerEdmund & Wheeler, Inc. is pleased to welcome back Christine Latulip to our professional team.  Christine was VP of Section 1031 Exchange Services at Edmund & Wheeler from 2002-2009 and was instrumental in overseeing the growth of the company during her tenure.  Edmund & Wheeler, Inc. provides capital gains tax deferral services for owners who sell and replace like kind real and personal property under Section 1031 of the IRS tax code.

Chris is also the owner of Newbridge Exchange, LLC in Littleton, NH and Regional VP of Retail & Commercial Lending at Union Bank.  Chris rejoins the team as Senior Section 1031 Exchange Advisor.  She will assist our team with complex Section 1031 Exchange scenarios and will provide specific consulting to our clients.   Edmund & Wheeler, Inc.  and Newbridge Exchange Services, LLC have also entered into a cooperating agreement to have Edmund & Wheeler’s team complete exchange work for Newbridge Exchange clients.

Chris has an impressive career that encompasses community development, banking, business development and tax deferral strategies using Section 1031.  Chris has earned the distinction of Certified Exchange Specialist (CES©) from the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA).  She has written extensively on the use of tax deferral strategies associated with the sale of real and personal property and has delivered training on these topics to professional advisors throughout New England.

Michael Coyle, owner of Edmund & Wheeler, Inc. states, “ We are so happy to have Chris re-join our team.  She brings a vast amount of industry experience with Section 1031 strategies that will broaden our service capabilities.  Chris will also assist us in our ongoing publishing efforts and we see that there is significant opportunity to grow this business with more outreach.”

Chris, owner of Newbridge Exchange, LLC states “I am pleased to add value to EWI’s growth strategies, and I believe that we will develop a good cooperating synergy between Newbridge & EWI.”

For more information you can visit www.section1031.com or call 603-444-0020.

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