COVID-19 and Your Exchange

Given the significant changes that we’ve all had to make in response to COVID-19, we’d like to take this opportunity to assure you that our employees and their families are safe, and we hope the same for you and your families. The health and safety of our clients, our employees and their families are our […]

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Opportunity Zones

We have been following the news and IRS Bulletins pertaining to Opportunity Zones. We have had several clients and advisors ask us about these, so we have put this post together to introduce you to the concept. Many of the areas that Edmund & Wheeler, Inc. serves have Opportunity Zones, so it may be beneficial […]

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Restrictions on Receiving Cash in a 1031 Exchange

In a 1031 exchange, it’s important to understand that federal tax regulations limit your rights to receive, pledge, borrow or otherwise obtain the benefits of the money held by the intermediary during the exchange period. Once your relinquished property has closed and Edmund & Wheeler, Inc. is holding the exchange proceeds, these rules permit us […]

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The New Tax Bill

As you might imagine, we were on pins and needles as the tax bill was working its way through the process. Section 1031 was slated for total elimination; however, when the bill started to be pulled together in Washington there was so much push back from every national organization that deals with commercial/investment real estate […]

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Tax Reform 2017 – The Latest on Section 1031

The Edmund & Wheeler, Inc. team hopes that you have had a tremendous 2017. We have been incredibly busy this year with many very interesting engagements. We are paying close attention to how the proposed tax reform bill will effect our personal and business lives. For the past couple of years we have been hearing […]

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White House

2017 Tax Reform

The Trump administration announced an “outline” of sweeping tax reform on April 26th (just in time for his 100th day). You can look at the document here. Many of our clients have been asking us how this tax reform could effect Section 1031. Of course it is difficult to second guess this administration or their […]

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A Taxing Process – Real Estate Investment in the Crosshairs

Reposted by an article written by Net Lease Capital Advisors. We recently attended the Federal Exchange Accommodators (FEA) Capital Hill Conference held in Washington DC. It was an excellent program that was highlighted by an informed group of speakers including Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL), Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA), Andrew Prior of PwC National Tax Services […]

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Marvel With Me

This was the view from our front porch this morning before coming to the office. Although I hesitate to blog about things not related to Section 1031, this image has captivated me today. So often we get ourselves wrapped up in our day-to-day lives that we neglect to stop and marvel at the world we […]

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Save Section 1031

Section 1031 Is On The Chopping Block

I’ve just returned from the Federation of Exchange Accomodators annual convention which is a three day intensive training and educational seminiar for practitioners of 1031 Accommodation and  Consulting. One of the primary activities of our trade organization for the past couple of years has been to mount an effort to educate Capitol Hill on the […]

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